The company

The company CLM Leszek Gryncewicz started business in 2005. At the beginning of the activity was the sale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and consultancy działalności.W 2007, we took in the sale of ready-made sets of car beams. Only dealt with the design of beams and their production zlecaliśmy external company. Additionally, in collaboration with engineers from the company Impact Automotive Technologies Pruszkowa dealt with the design of electrical installations for the purposes of the above company, and that was the technical solutions for use in the manufacture of electric powered car. This cooperation is revealed to us new opportunities. Designed by our wiring loom has been used in the production of electric car SAM, and therefore the company Impact Automotive Technologies Pruszkowa signed a preliminary agreement with us cooperation, the subject of which is the production and delivery of the electrical harness to the car (on 13.06.2008, the has already signed cooperation agreement). On 02.04.2008, the changed nature of the business, mainly on production typically include production of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles. Currently, we perform a wide range of electrical cables, and special cables.